“This page requires a more recent version of Silverlight” issue

Microsoft recently released an update to Silverlight 4 which – while bringing a bunch of great fixes – also comes along with an update to the SDK. This means that silverlight applications built using the latest version (4.0.52826.0) will also require the runtime with the same version on client machines. This pose a problem if you like me develop applications for a customer where updates are managed and rolled out by an IT department.

After a recent reinstall of my dev machine I grabbed the Silverlight 4 Tools as usual and continued my work. Only now I had the latest SDK version, which means this is also the minimum required version to run the app. After deployment this resulted in the following error for end users

silverlight update warning

And since installing this update was not an option for our users I had to revert to the Silverlight 4 RTW SDK. But where to find it? I searched high and low, ending up contacting Tim Heuer which could provide me with a super secret link for the Silverlight 4 SDK 4.0.50401.0 here. Before installing, make sure you’ve uninstalled the latest tools. Also, afterwards you might get the following error when loading projects into Visual Studio 2010

developer prompt

Just go and grab the developer runtime from the link provided. Then you should be all set!

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    • Kevin
    • September 27th, 2010

    Awesome! I’ve spent a few hours trying to find this. It’s a shame that your site didn’t come up on the first page or two of search results.

  1. Good to hear it helped :)

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